Is my HVAC the one for me?

It’s the middle of the summer and you are sweating bullets struggling to keep cool by the air conditioning. Suddenly, you hear some weird noises coming from the system and it completely stops. Most of us will get up, fiddle with the knobs and pray that something works. Unfortunately, time passes and now we have to call a friend or a professional who will charge us. We have to think this process through as we can find it hard on where to start. Here are some ways to know if a HVAC contractor is for you.


You know that you are now sweating and suffering possibly for hours. You’ve made a call at least two hours ago and still no one has shown up at your door. This is one of the worse experiences for us because we are on the bad side of the deal. You can either wait or call the next person to wait even longer. You want the HVAC contractor you hire to be punctual with their time. You are relying on them to arrive at the time they said they would. Never allow yourself to sit waiting when you can call someone else.

Time in business

You must consider how long the HVAC contractor has been in business. It makes no sense to hire someone who is trying to figure things out. You don’t need them working on your a/c unit or heater if they are not trained and experienced. Look at their track record to see if they have been doing the job for years. It’s good to see at least three of experience and with some references. You need a professional not the amateur who says they can fix your system, but fails to do so.

Independent or company

You might be faced with deciding between the independent company that has a great reputation or the big company that can be impressive with their work. Most independent HVAC contractor might work for themselves, but that’s not an indication that their work will be any less than the bigger business. Talk with them and see how knowledgeable they are about fixing a/c and heating units. Their reviews might speak for themselves and you could find a good hire. Call the bigger company and see what they can do for you and compare notes. You can search online for any best hvac lehigh valley.near you.

You can find out if a HVAC contractor is the one for you by following some of these steps. It’s imperative that they show up on time or at all. Don’t wait any longer than needed for any HVAC contractor. It basically says that they are not reliable, and you need to move to the next person or company. Consider how long they have been on the job and what experience they can share. It makes a difference as workmanship is everything. You can go with either a independent business or the big guy up the street. Call both to make the decision that works in your best interest.