Lawn Maintenance Is a Year-Round Job; Tips to Care or Your Lawn All Year

Unfortunately, many homeowners take care of their lawn in the spring and summer months, then ignore it the rest of the year. When it comes to any lawn maintenance cleveland oh residents should know that it’s a year round job. While fall and winter months require less work, there are still things to be done. Taking care of your lawn in the fall and winter means that it will be in tip top shape to get going in the spring.


As the sun begins to shine brighter and temperatures inch their way up, get out the rake and give your lawn a thorough raking. You’ll find debris, and some leaves that found their way there after the fall cleanup. Spring is also the time to have your soil tested. This will give you a clue as to whether your soil is too acid, or not acid enough. Spring is also the time to fertilize warm season grass. Fertilize in late spring for these grasses. Apply a weed preventive treatment to your lawn in early spring. This is the best time to prevent weeds before they start.

Finally, get the lawn mower ready. Make sure that it’s running as it should and that your blades are sharp. Or, if you prefer, make life easier on yourself and turn lawn maintenance over to a professional company. This leaves you free to enjoy your lush, green, lawn, without any of the work.


Summer is the time to make sure that you give the lawn enough water and keep it trimmed. Your lawn will need one inch of water, per week. It’s best to make sure that you water your lawn well, less often, rather than watering a small amount daily. Summer is when you want to keep your grass at a higher height. Having taller grass in the summer has several benefits. Raise your mower’s blade up when it’s time to mow in the summer.


Cool weather grass should be fertilized in the fall. If the grass was patchy during the growing season, spread some seed now. Rake up the leaves that have fallen from the trees. It’s not quite time to put the mower away for the season yet. Before winter weather sets in, mow the grass one more time. Once that’s done, you can put the mower away until next spring.


Winter is the easiest season for lawn maintenance. All that you have to do is go out and look at your lawn. Remove any downed tree branches, hoses, toys, or anything else that had been left on the lawn. You don’t want to leave anything heavy on the lawn.

As you can see, each season brings with it, its own unique set of lawn chores that must be done. If you want a beautiful lawn, give it the care that it deserves, all year long. While, it can be time consuming, the beautiful lawn that you’ll be left with makes it worth the effort.